2019 Kia Cerato Seatbelt Light Issue

2019 Kia Cerato Seatbelt Light Issue

The other day when I was driving my Kia Cerato, the rear seat belt (centre) light came on. I have attached the picture of what it looked like

I drove it a bit more and it seems to re-appear every time I start the car. The light eventually disappears but I am not sure why it thinks there is someone sitting there. A bit baffled.

Has anyone else has this issue with the rear seat belt?

That’s quite interesting. I have seen this in some other cars too. A few people came across the same issue with their Kia Rio:


Seems like not many answers there and none of the owners could find the reason why. How long have you had this problem and have you had this checked by the dealer?

I have had this problem for a few weeks now but it comes and goes. Thinking of mentioning it at the 15,000kms service.

At the moment I have just closed the middle seatbelt to stop the sensor from going off or flashing.

Did anyone find the solution for this?

I own a Cerato 2019 and this happens whenever I turn the car on and eventually disappears. The manual say that the lights will illuminate for approximately 70 seconds whenever the ignition is on if the seat belt is not on (Section 3-25). But I not sure if that means that we have to keep the centre seat belt fastened to avoid this annoying warning in the first 70 seconds. It does not make much sense. Today there was a passenger sitting in the rear centre seat and the warning chime sounded while he didn’t buckle up, which means that these lights are not indicating that the sensor is fault in any way.

Also, after these 70 seconds when the light is finally off, if I sit on the rear centre seat, it does not light up again. But if if fasten the seat belt and unfasten, the light will light up. I’m not sure if it is any problem with the car or it is just how things works. I’ll ask them in the 3 months service and see what they say.

Have you check the manual to see if the car is doing a sensor check when you start it? With modern cars there usual have a system check when you start the car. On my X-trail is show the rear passenger seats on screen for a check then disappear and only show when I start or someone open the door

Yeah that’s what I am not sure about either. I have taken the car to the dealer and have mentioned the problem several times at every service (done 2 services so far).

They replaced a sensor part - it didn’t fix the problem.
They then asked me to bring the car in again to replace the buckle - didn’t fix the problem and the light would still remain on.

Finally the dealer disconnected the seat belt from the “ECU” (this is what they said) as a test and see if the light comes on again. This is not a fix.

They wanted me to take the car and drive it for 2 weeks to see if the problem reappears. It hasn’t reappeared but its because that seat is disconnected. There hasn’t been a follow up. I will take it back to a new dealer at my next 30,000km service and hopefully they can fix the issue. Still no follow up from the first dealer.

Not sure how common this problem is but I had it from the time I bought the car. What about you?

I got it brand new and I noticed this since the day 1.

The 70 seconds light warning for the centre rear seat is definitely not a problem since it is on the manual of the car (doesn’t make sense, but alright). The only thing that bothers me is the fact that, after this time, the warning light does not work if someone sits on the centre rear seat but works for the rest of the seats.

I still have 2 months left until my first service, maybe I will have them to check with any demo Cerato they have available.