Blind spots in modern cars/sensors

Blind spots in modern cars/sensors

I own a 2015 X-trail ST-L a lot of time being on the road for work and my daily run, I realize the car has difficult looking at the left side that is hard to see out when I’m at the inter-selection. I would like to know if all of you have this in common?

Also I like to bring on topic if we are relaying to much on technology to guide us with our driving? after reading an article that cars these days are pack with so much that is hard for us to focus on driving a long with front, side and back sensors. If is it necessary I like to know all of your opinion

Left hand side is always hard especially in bigger cars.

We were thinking of the Honda CRV or the Nissan X-Trail but found both cars too big to drive around in. Many blind spots. Ended up with a Honda HR-V instead with less blind spots.

How is the HR-V view as a driver? is clear with blind spots and the technology pack is it worth the value?