Ford Fiesta Bluetooth Issue

Ford Fiesta Bluetooth Issue

I would like to know if anyone has had an issue with their bluetooth connection via Ford’s Sync on the Fiesta. At the last service, I mentioned the issue to the dealer to which they said they had a look at it and that it should be resolved. However, the issue persisted and I did not have the time to notify them of it and went on holiday in between. Anyway, I called them back around 4 months later to report the issue to which they said to investigate, I would incur a charge of $150. I was frustrated as I felt it was not properly checked the first time and that only a general reset was done. When I allayed my frustration due to the persisting problem, they were unwilling to help and said that I should have been charged when I brought the car in for service as it was out of warranty. This dealer generally has had decent customer service. Starting from the sale in which the salesman wasn’t too pushy and talked quite well. So, it was frustrating that they decided to deal with me in this manner. Also, while I understand they have a standard charge, it is not my responsibility to ask them regarding extra charges. So, I expected for the issue to be resolved and am more frustrated that I now have to go through the hassle of resolving it a second time where this could have potentially been fixed in one go with the service.

Anyways, I am looking for a fix and was wondering if anyone has experienced this issue in the past and if anyone knows what to do? Any advice would be much appreciated.


I think there were a few issues with the Fiesta but not sure if Bluetooth connectivity was one of them.

Which model year is your Ford Fiesta?

P.S. looks like that dealer has definitely lost your trust and perspective future business.

I would contact Ford Australia directly or post in a public domain where everyone can read to get the attention to fix it. Be sure to talk to get your money and put back on the company

Thanks Kenster841. The problem seems to have gone away for the moment but if it does come back, I will do that.

Thanks Rizflip. Problem seems to have fixed itself so will monitor if it does come back.

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Very strange how it had disappeared.

Do mention it to the dealer next time you go in for a service.