Honda CR-V 7 seater

Honda CR-V 7 seater

What are people’s thoughts on the 7 seater CR-V? What’s the leg space like when the 3rd row is in use?

Less power and torque to have that many people in the car. 3rd row seats don’t have enough room for passenger to travel long journey. With the 3rd row up you lose boot space on top. Same thing with the other completitor

For the price, the 7 seater CR-V is quite a good car but is probably only best for kids on longer trips. Here is an Australian review that covers the back seats:


I had a look at the 5 seat car at my local dealer so didn’t get to see how much space is in the 3rd row. I will only be using the seats in the back on family trips. Any issues with the car that you guys have come across?

I would say put 7 people in the car to see how it drive and whether you are fine without the latest update for your audio. And it suit your needs and able to sit in the car for more then a hour. Before signing the contract