Is the Mazda cx-9 a good upgrade for families with 2 toddlers and a 5 year old?

Is the Mazda cx-9 a good upgrade for families with 2 toddlers and a 5 year old?

Hi everyone, first time poster and looking for other owners help.

Looking at upgrading our 2015 Mazda CX-5 which we bought not long after having our first child. We now also have 2 toddlers so are are looking at a 7 seater.

For those with a CX-9, how is the car with 3 car seat and would you recommend it to someone looking at upgrading?

Funnily we were going through the same about 2 years ago when the new CX-9 came out. At that time we had 3 kids under 7 years old with another one on the way. We found the CX-9 a bit small compared to the Kia Sorento which we ended up with. The Kia Sorento turned out about $3k cheaper too compared to the Mazda.

Did you have any other questions? I can tell you our experiences with the Kia Sorento.

Thanks a lot for sharing your experience and we have just started to look so we are yet to look at other cars. Kia Sorento looks good too.

We found the back row a bit tight in the CX-9. How is space in the 3rd row?

I have seen this on caradvice but it’s hard to the boot space with pictures:

Yeah thats one of the reason why we didn’t go for the CX-9 because it was smaller in the 3rd row compared to our Sorento. The car seat fits well in the 3rd row too.

Not much boot space for the prams with the 3rd row up though so take the prams and the car seats when test driving it. How soon would you need the car?

We are looking at it in the next month or so. Next weekend we’d start test driving. I was also looking at the new Toyota Kluger but it doesn’t have android auto which I really liked in a friends Honda cr-v.

With the Sorento, how do you find the air-con in the second row during summer? Does it take long to cool down with kids in the back?

It is pretty quick and kids haven’t complained in the back seats.

We live in Melbourne so its not too bad in summer but i can imagine if you live in Queensland or somewhere it’s warmer, you’d need something better. Where do you live?

We are in Brisbane so it’s not as hot as far north.

That’s good to know. I have heard that Mazda CX-9 aircon in the back isn’t the best so thought I would ask.

What are the pros and cons on the Kia Sorento, especially with the kids?

In our car I like the space for me and the kids, the screen on the dash and the cameras for reversing. The cameras make it much easier to park.

Things I don’t like are … well not much I haven’t come across but if you have small kids with the 3rd row up, boot space becomes a problem. Especially with 2 prams and other things

Oh they are good things to consider. Our kids are a bit smaller so I think I will take the prams with us when we go this weekend to look at the Kia Sorento. I will fill you in with the findings!

My father in law owns a Sorento and we a CX-9. We have found the opposite. The Sorento has less space than the CX-9. This review is form overseas but it’s of the same cars:

“The CX-9 is slightly more comfortable for those stuck in that last row, yes, but the Sorento offers just as ample a cargo area once the third-row bench is folded down.”

So today we visited our local Kia dealer today and test drove the GT-Line model. It drove well around the inner suburban roads of Brisbane.

Space wise, I found the space a bit smaller in the back compared to the CX-9 we drove earlier - so you are spot on @spades. Thanks for sharing the link too.

I did like the boot space and our prams fit in well with enough space to spare. This was interesting because the dealer didn’t want to give us the car for too long and tried to rush the test drive. I told them that this is going to be our car for the next 5 years or so. Probably will go back and look at the Mazda again.

Found this review covering the boot space too:

Which model of the CX-9 do you have @spades? Would appreciate your thoughts mate.

Yep which is why I was really surprised the poster above said the CX-9 was small. I reckon he (or she) was actually talking about the CX-5! There is now way the CX-9 is smaller than the Sorento. It’s one of the largest SUV’s in its class (large crossover SUV) in Australia.

We’ve got the 2018 Azami AWD. Got a demo with 3000kms last year.
To be honest I have nothing against the Sorento and I would have gotten one if not for one thing: the CX-9’s drive quality. It’s an SUV that drives like a mid sized sedan!
We were actually set on getting a Sorento even after sitting on the 9 at a dealership. We thought yep the 9 is more premium (only slightly) inside but not worth the extra $$. It wasn’t until we test drove the 9 that I said “yep I’m definitely getting one of these”. The 9 has arguably got the best drive quality in its class. It even won best 3row SUV in the USA by Car and Drive magazine.

And FYI – Car and Driver is the largest circulated car magazine in the US. Mazda has a tiny footprint in the US and the 9 has stood out. Says a lot. They don’t have what others might call fanboyish Mazda craze like we do here in Australia. Mazda is nobody in the US yet the 9 ranks highly over there.
I blew my budget by $10k just from one test drive!

Yeah that’s what I am feeling at the moment too. Thanks for sharing that. Helps a lot.

The price is a factor but Mazda does have a better resale. The three row ranking you put up is helpful but also shows how much choice is in the USA compared to here :sweat_smile:

Car and Driver must be like Wheels here. I have also heard the same thing that Mazda is really popular in Australia but not so much in the USA.

How many kms have you done in your CX-9 Azami so far? We generally do city driving (kids drive around and school run) around 10000 kms a year.