Mazda Australia's plan to sell more new cars

Mazda Australia's plan to sell more new cars

Came across this article that goes through how Mazda Australia will sell more cars to Australians at a time when it’s harder for everyday Australians to get car loans

Would you buy a Mazda or wait until another car is on the market?

Sat in a few Mazda the car feel premium even at the entry level car. The button feel solid to touch and nice feel of the steering from a bare basic beginning Mazda has quality build. Just some of the product had a loud engine noise which does effect the experience

Yeah I have experienced the same in a friend’s Mazda she bought recently.

The currently have a few recalls on their diesel engines which a few owners have said they are worried about. Over 35,000 cars affected:

Rare in 2019 to see engine problems.

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