The new kia seltos

The new kia seltos

Hi everyone,
Just like to know if anyone gone to the dealers to take a look at Kia Saltoe.

From the entry level to GT line. After doing a quick look the specs of the car has bit of different but I haven’t book in for a test drive yet. With recent walking around a shopping center one the car was on display so I approach the sale person on the car. From they point of view in driving the duel clutch and torque of the car was quite impressive.

One thing I wish Kia did was put in GT badge on the steering or somewhere so you know you are driving a $40k car instead of the $28k. With saying so I guess the car is aim for people who doesn’t want a Sportage or a mid size SUV.

I would like to hear all of your experience with the Kia Saltoe, note most dealership are still getting stock