Toyota Rav4 Recall in the US - Recall Alert

Toyota Rav4 Recall in the US - Recall Alert

Came across this recall in the US for the 2019 Toyota Rav4 and the Rav4 Hybrid models

It seems like there is an issue with the connector of the rear reversing camera. No Australian cars have so far been impacted but if I come across anything else, I will share it.

Have any Rav4 owners faced any other issues?

That’s interesting. I have been researching the new Rav4 and it seems to have a few recall and availability issues. This one is in America but owners here is an issue with the Rav4 Hybrid cars that came to Australia

Not sure if its a good idea to buy a newly released car or not. I might look at the Honda CR-V now.

Do others think Toyota Rav4 Hybrids are worth buying and waiting a couple of months for with some of the problems?