Where can I get the Mazda CX-5 owners manual?

Where can I get the Mazda CX-5 owners manual?

So I am in the process of selling our Mazda CX-5 and upgrading to a bigger family car.I can’t seem to find my owners manual which was in the glove box but it’s gone missing (the logbook is still there).

I am wondering if there is an online manual that I could give the link to the new buyer. Is there an owners manual online or would I need to order it from Mazda?

Yeah there is. Here is a copy of the Mazda CX-5 Owner’s manual in the digital format which you can view online: https://owners-manual.mazda.com/gen/en/cx-5/cx-5_8ft1ee17b/visual.html

I am sure you can also order another hard copy of one from Mazda but it might not be worth it as you are just about to sell. The new owners would be able to find everything they need on the online version.

How many kms has your Mazda CX-5 done now?

Its at 67000 kms. Is that too much for a 4 year old car?

Thanks for sharing the link. That’s pretty good if the buyer would be looking for it because it covers most parts of our car.

We used to drive a bit to Sunshine coast but not so much anymore with the toddlers. Not going to be doing that much in the new car.